Boerewors Jaffels

Crown Foods

2 Onions, sliced
15ml Oil
200g Ouma’s Boerewors
8 slices Bread
Butter to spread onto the bread
50 ml Chutney

1. Sauté the onions until soft and golden brown.
2. Pan-fry the Ouma’s boerewors, turning halfway through cooking. Set aside
and cut into 8 pieces (the pieces must fit onto the bread).
3. Spread butter onto both sides of the bread.
4. To make the jaffle: Put one slice of bread into the jaffle pan. Add two pieces
of Ouma’s boerewors, some caramelised onions and two teaspoons
of chutney. Place another slice of bread on top and close the jaffle pan
tightly. Cut off any pieces of bread sticking out.
5. Put the jaffle pan on a heated electric or gas hob and let it brown for a
few minutes on both sides. Open the jaffle pan every now and then to ensure that you dont burn the bread.

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