1 deboned pork neck, tied with string
salt & freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp butter
1 medium onion, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
1 leek (only the white part), chopped
4 garlic cloves (whole)
15 ml flour
500 ml milk
bunch fresh parsley
5 twigs fresh thyme

Season pork with salt &pepper, place in Large Oval Roaster. Add butter, onion, carrot, leek and garlic. Dissolve flour in heated milk. Add fresh herbs. Pour milk mixture over pork. Bake covered at 180ºC for 90 minutes or till meat is done, turning pork 3 times during cooking process. Note: Milk may separate. Take pork out, drain vegetables, keeping milk sauce aside.  Puree vegetables, add milk sauce and heat through till thick .  Cut pork into slices and pour sauce over or. Serve rice or mash and vegetables.


Eier muffins (ideaal vir ontbyt)


10 Geklitste eiers
1/2 pakkie uie sop poeier
1 Koppie fyn gekapte sampioene
2 Koppies fyn gekapte spinasie
1 Koppie gesorteerde maalvleis of bacon
Sout en peper
12 Cherry/ Rosa tamaties
Voor verhit oond tot 180 grade C

Meng alle bestandele saam behalwe tamaties. Smeer muffen pan goed met botter / spray en cook. Verdeel eiermengsel in die 12 muffen houertjies. Plaas gehalveerde tamaties bo – op mengsel. Bak vir 25 min tot gaar. Verwyder warm uit pan en sit voor ( As koud kan die gebak vassit)



Rika Theron

( 4 portions)

1 kg lean, boneless pork thick rib, cubed,
15 ml oil,
2 onions, chopped,
1 clove garlic, crushed,
25 ml curry powder,
250 ml apricot juice,
3 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped,
50 ml lemon juice,
50 ml chutney,
1 green apple, cored and sliced,
75 g dried apricots,
3 bay leaves,
5 ml salt, black pepper.

Brown meat in heated cooking oil.  Add onions and garlic and sauté until transparent.  Add curry and fry for 1 minute.  Heat tomato, apricot juice and lemon juice and add to meat with remaining ingredients.  Cover with lid and simmer for a further 5 minutes until thick.



Rika Theron

1 kg pork fillet, cut into cubes,
60 g butter,
1 large onion, chopped,
125 ml stock,
1 tin tomatoes,
chopped parsley.

25 ml soy sauce,
12, 5 ml Worcester sauce,
50 ml tomato sauce,
50 ml brown sugar,
25 ml chutney, salt & pepper.

Method:  for marinade:
Melt 1/3 of the butter, add sauces and seasonings, mix together.  Put in pork pieces and turn often.  Leave for an hour or more.

In a large frying pan, add remaining butter, drained pork and onion, sauté slowly.  Pour over stock and cover pan.  Simmer for about 35 minutes.  Lift out pork and put onto a hot platter.  Add marinade to pan and reduce until sticky, adding drained and sliced tomatoes.  Cook 3 – 4 minutes, then spoon over meat.  Sprinkle with parsley and serve with rice and a green salad.


Bacon and Egg Pie


1 tablespoon olive oil
2 medium brown onions, chopped
350g rindless shortcut bacon rashers, fat removed, halved, sliced
1 3/4 sheets frozen reduced-fat shortcrust pastry, partially thawed
1 1/3 cups grated reduced-fat tasty cheddar
8 eggs
1/2 cup pure cream

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add onion. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until softened. Add bacon. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until browned. Remove from heat. Cool.

Preheat oven to 200C/180C fan-forced. Place a baking tray in oven. Grease a 6cm-deep, 20cm round (base) springform pan. Using base of pan as a guide, cut 1 circle from 1 pastry sheet. Line base of prepared pan with pastry round. Cut remaining pastry sheet into 3 equal strips. Line side of pan with pastry, trimming to fit and pressing edges together (you will have some leftover pastry).

Spoon half the bacon mixture into pan. Sprinkle with 1 cup cheese. Whisk 4 eggs and cream together in a jug. Add to pan. Sprinkle with remaining bacon mixture. Make 4 holes into mixture in pan. Crack 1 egg into each hole. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Season with pepper. Fold 1cm of pastry over at top edge.

Place on hot tray in oven. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes or until pie is firm to touch (cover pie loosely with foil if over-browning during cooking). Stand in pan for 10 minutes. Serve



Rika Theron

4 varktjops,
30 g botter,
30 g gerasperde kaas,
60 ml room,
60 ml appelsap,
150 ml aftreksel,
5 ml aangemaakte mosterd,

Soteer tjops aan albei kante liggies in botter. Meng kaas met 15 ml room en smeer mengsel oor vleis. Voeg appelsap en asyn by. Voeg aftreksel, orige room, mosterd en geurmiddels by. Bak by matige hitte. Bedien met sauté aartappels (kook, sny in skywe en braai bruin in vet.)


Pork Fillet with white chocolate sauce

A #JustDelicious Pork Fillet is sliced into medallions, seasoned, drizzled with olive oil and pan fried until golden brown, topped with a spicy white chocolate sauce and served with thin, crispy butter-basted potato slices alongside flash-fried garlic baby spinach leaves. Garnish with micro herbs.

Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 30 min
Total Time: 60 min
Serves: 2

Fillet and White Chocolate Sauce
Eskort Pork Fillet 500 g
60 ml olive oil
5 ml salt
5 ml pepper
125 ml cream
100 ml white chocolate
1 green chilli, halved

Place a medium sized frying pan over a high heat.
Slice the pork fillet into medallions.
Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
Cook the medallions for 5 minutes each side, remove from heat and leave in the pan to rest.

In a small saucepan, heat cream and green chilli until it starts to steam, add white chocolate and remove from heat.
Stir until the chocolate has melted.
Remove the chilli.

Buttery Potatoes
1 large potato, thinly sliced into circles
60 ml butter
15 ml olive oil
5 ml coarse salt

Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Melt the butter, oil and salt.
Layer the potato on a baking tray, brushing each slice with melted butter.
Bake for 10 – 15 minutes until golden and crispy.

Baby Spinach
1 handful baby spinach
15 ml olive oil
50 g leeks, chopped
5 ml pepper
1 clove garlic, chopped
micro herbs, for garnish

Heat olive oil in a small pan and fry the leeks and garlic until soft.
Add spinach and remove from the heat.

Serve the pork fillet medallions with the white chocolate sauce, buttery potatoes and baby spinach leaves.

Garnish with micro herbs.



Rika Theron

6 snye brood, met botter gesmeer,
6 eiers, tamaties,
gerasperde kaas,

Pak ‘n laag brood in gesmeerde bak.  Sny ‘n paar skywe tamatie bo-oor, sprinkel sout, peper en ‘n laag kaas oor.  Pak nog ‘n laag brood en tamatie, plaas ‘n paar repies spek bo-op en strooi ‘n dik laag kaas oor.  Klits eiers en melk goed met sout en peper en gooi bo-oor.  Bak in matige oond tot eiers gaar is.



Rika Theron

1/2 pak macaroni,
1 blik sampioensop,
5 strokies ontbytspek,
1 ui,
2 e botter,
3 e melk,
gerasperde kaas.

Kook macaroni.  Sny spek in stukkies en ui in dun skywe.  Braai ui in botter, voeg spek by en kook 3 tot 4 minute.  Voeg sop en melk by terwyl u voortdurend roer.  Verwyder van hitte en voeg macaroni by, kook dan verder vir ongeveer 2 minute.  Plaas in gesmeerde bakskottel.  Strooi ‘n dik laag kaas oor en bak (300°F) vir 5 tot 10 minute.