Banana Chocolate Marble Cake

200 g margarine           
300 g sugar               
125 ml milk                   
5 ml vanilla essence
4 eggs                          
600 ml cake flour
5 ml salt                       
10 ml baking powder
2 ml bicarb of soda     
 125 ml sour cream
30 ml cocoa powder     
3 medium sized mashed bananas
1.        Pre-heat oven to 160*C
2.       Grease and flour a 23cm tube/ring tin.
3.       Cream marg and sugar till light and fluffy.
4.       Add eggs one at a time, beating well.
5.       Combine bananas, sour cream, milk and vanilla essence.
6.       Sift together flour, salt, baking powder & bicarb of soda.
7.       Add this alternately with banana mixture to the marg & sugar mixture & beat well together.
8.       Remove 2 tablespoons of cake mixture and mix with the cocoa powder, add a little milk is necessary.
9.       Spoon half the cake mixture into the tin, then spoon a long band of the cocoa mixture on top.
10.    Cover with the remaining mixture & twirl a fork through this to give a rippled effect.
11.     Bake for 60-70 minutes.
12.     Remove cake from tin & allow to cool



100 g milk chocolate        

a little milk
12,5 marg                        
a few whole walnuts
1.        Melt chocolate over low heat
     with a little milk.
2.       Add the marg & more milk if
     necessary to give a thick, yet
    runny consistency.
3.       Spoon over the cooled cake so
     that the chocolate drips down
    the sides.

Decorate with whole walnuts

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