Booze Bombs – makes about 45 balls

200 g dark chocolate                  
100 ml brandy
100 ml syrup                               
100 ml whiskey or rum 
450 g marie biscuits                   
200 g nibbled almonds
1 – 2 c icing sugar for coating 
1.         Cover a tray with wax wrap.
2.        Place a few biscuits in a large plastic bag, seal & roll fine with a rolling pin. Continue until all biscuits are done.
3.        Place crumbs into a large mixing bowl.
4.        Add the nuts to the biscuits crumbs, mix.
5.        Melt the chocolate in the microwave & add to the crumbs mixture, mix well.
6.        Add the syrup to the crumb mixtures, mix well.
7.        Add the brandy/whiskey to the crumb mixture, mix very well.
8.        Roll teaspoons fulls of the mixture into balls (smaller than walnut) using your hands.
9.        Put the balls in the icing sugar, coating them well.
10.     If your hands get too sticky, use a little icing sugar.
11.      Place balls on a tray covered in wax wrap.
12.     When completed, cover the tray with cling wrap & refrigerate till hardened.
13.     When hardened, place into a container that seals well.
14.     Taste best after maturing in fridge for a week.

Can be kept in the fridge, in a sealed container for 3 weeks

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