Cape Brandy Pudding – serves 8

250 g dates, chopped                         
5 ml bicarb of soda
250 ml boiling water                          
150 g butter
250 ml sugar                                      
2 eggs, beaten
500 g cake flour                                
5 ml baking powder
3 ml salt                                             
250 ml pecan or walnuts, chopped
250 ml sugar                                      
50 ml butter
300 ml hot water                               
40 ml vanilla essence
pinch of salt                                      
200 –250 ml brandy
1.        Divide dates into two equal portions in two separate bowls.
2.       In the one bowl, add the bicarb & boiling water. Mix well & allow to cool.
3.       Preheat oven to 180*C (350*F).
4.       Grease a large glass oven wear dish.
5.       In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter & sugar.
6.       Beat in the eggs, thoroughly.
7.       Sift the flour, baking powder & salt in a separate bowl.
8.       Add the dry mixture to the creamed mixture, mix well.
9.       Add the other chopped dates & chopped nuts, mix well.
10.    Stir in the dates/bicarb mixture. Mix well.
11.     Pour into the glass dish.
12.    Bake for 40 minutes.
13.    Sauce: In a medium saucepan, combine the water, butter & sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
14.    Remove from heat & stir in the vanilla essence, salt & brandy.
15.    When the pudding is removed from the oven, prick the pudding with a knife.
16.    Pour the hot sauce over the pudding., allowing it to be totally absorbed by the pudding.
17.    Serve hot or cold with custard or fresh cream.


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