Chocolate Fondue – serves 4 – 6

100 – 150 ml cream (more cream, thinner the chocolate)
400 g Nestle Almond, honey & nougat chocolate
(Toblerone, if you are feeling rich)
100 ml Van Der Hum liqueur
Enough fruit cut into bite size pieces, e.g. apples, bananas,    
naartjies, strawberries, pineapple, pears etc
1.        Over low heat, melt the chocolate (broken into squares).
2.       Microwave works well.
3.       Add the cream, stirring all the time.
4.       Add the liqueur, stir in well.
5.       Transfer chocolate mixture into a ceramic or ovenproof dish.
6.       Keep mixture warm over a CANDLE, not a burner.
7.       Dip pieces of fruit into the chocolate mixture.

8.       Enjoy, diet tomorrow!!

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