1 – 2 packets fresh gherkins              
black pepper corns
20 ml rock salt                                   
bay leaves
½ water    ½ grape vinegar                
dill seeds
large glass jars
1.        Wash the gherkins & pack into the required jars.
2.       Fill the jars with water, tip off & measure. ½ water & ½ grape vinegar.
3.       Remove the fresh gherkins from the jars into a bowl.
4.       Dry heat the glass jars in the oven.
5.       Boil the measure water/vinegar & salt in the microwave.
6.       Make sure the salt is dissolved.
7.       When the liquid is about to boil, replace the gherkins in the hot jars.
8.       Add black 5 ml peppercorns, 2 bay leaves & 5 ml dill seeds into each jar.
9.       Pour some of the boiling liquid into each jar.
10.    Seal & allow to cool down.
11.     Store in a dark place.

12.    Leave the gherkins for at least 1 week before eating. The gherkins will change in colour when they are ready.

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