250 g marg/butter                           
15 ml syrup
5 ml bicarb of soda                          
3 c rolled oats
1 c coconut                                       
1 c flour
1 c whiter sugar                                
pinch of salt
1.        Pre-heat oven to 200*C (400*F).
2.       Grease a baking tin with sides at least 2 cm high.
3.       In a large mixing bowl combine oats, flour, sugar, salt & coconut.
4.       In a medium pot, melt the marg.
5.       Add the syrup & mix.
6.       Add the bicarb, the mixture will fizz up. Remove from stove.
7.       Add the marg mixture to the oats mixture. Mix well.
8.       Place mixture into the greased baking tin & flatten with the back of a metal spoon.
9.       Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.
10.    Leave to cool and cut into squares while still hot.

11.     Allow to cool completely before crunchies from tin.

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