Rustic potato, Leek & Mushroom stir-fry

500 g potatoes (about 4)                     
50 g butter
cooking oil                                           
10 ml coriander seeds, (slightly crushed)
5 ml turmeric                                     
4 – 5 leeks (green parts too)               
1 green pepper
250 g mushrooms                              
 salt to taste
10 ml ground coriander                        
milled back pepper
1.        Cooked washed potatoes in boiling water in their jackets until just done.
2.       Allow potatoes to cool & then dice, skin & all.
3.       Wash the leeks, WELL & slice.
4.       Wash & slice the mushrooms
5.       De-seed the green pepper and chop into small pieces.
6.       Heat butter & oil in a large pot.
7.       Add the slightly crushed coriander seeds, stir fry till they start sizzling & the aroma starts to rise.
8.       Stir in the turmeric & sliced leeks.
9.       Allow to cook gently, stirring occasionally until leeks are slightly limp.
10.    Add the chopped green pepper & mushrooms, cover & sweat until vegetables are tender.
11.     Add the diced potatoes, season with salt & pepper & ground coriander.
12.    Allow to cook for a few minutes, stirring gently.
13.    The vegetables will mingle with each other, getting nicely brown & slightly mushy!!

14.    Taste improves when dish is made day before. Reheat in microwave when ready to serv

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