Home Made Muesli – makes a large quantity

450 g weetbix                             
300 g wheat germ
500 g jungle oats                        
500 g chopped nuts ( pecan, almond flakes & raw peanuts)
300 g allbran flaked                           
250 g saltanas                             
250 g seedless raisins
500 g linseed                              
500 g sunflower seeds
250 g sesame seeds                    
250 g dried apricots, chopped 
250 g dried nectarines, chopped
1.        Make sure all dried apricots & nectarines are cut up. Also that the large nuts are chopped up.
2.       In a LARGE mixing bowl, crush up the weetbix.
3.       Add all the rest of the ingredients & mix well.

4.       Place the mixed muesli in large plastic bags, seal well. Keep in the freezer until needed.

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