Scalloped Potatoes – serves 4 (8) people

1 cloves of garlic, peeled             
grated nutmeg to taste
 & halved (2)                               
½ c grated Emmenthal cheese (1 c)
30 ml butter (60 ml)                   
1 c hot milk (2 c)
1 kg potatoes (unpeeled              
 2 ml salt (5 ml)
  weight) (2 kg)                            
milled black pepper
Fresh lemon thyme or
  tarragon leaves
1.        Preheat oven to 180*C (350*F).
2.       Position the oven rack, so the dish will be cooked in the centre of the oven.
3.       Rub the inside of a flameproof dish thoroughly with the cut garlic.
4.       Grease the dish well,  with butter. (about 5 ml butter)
5.       Peel potatoes & slice fairly thin.
6.       Arrange half the potato slices, slightly overlapping in the base of the greased dish.
7.       Sprinkle with salt, pepper, nutmeg & half the cheese.
8.       Dot with half of the remaining butter cubes.
9.       Layer the remaining potatoes over the first layer, once again season well.
10.    Sprinkle with the remaining cheese.
11.     Dot remaining butter cubes over the cheese.
12.    Heat the milk till piping hot & pour over the potatoes.
13.    Sprinkle with extra salt & milled pepper.
14.    Sprinkle the lemon thyme or tarragon leaves on top.
15.    Place dish in oven.
16.    Bake for 90 minutes or until potatoes are tender & the milk has been absorbed. The top must be golden.
17.    If the top has not browned sufficiently, place the dish under the hot grill for a few minutes to crisp the surface.
Serve HOT!!


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