Lemon Marmalade

12 medium sized lemons            
3 kg sugar
4,5 litres water
Wash lemons well. Slice thinly, & then into quarters.  Place pips & ends into muslin bag.  Place sliced lemon pieces, contents of muslin bag into a large bowl, cover with the water & leave overnight. Next morning, discard muslin bag & place lemons (with liquid) into a saucepan, boil for about 1 hour until the lemon pieces are tender.  Add the sugar & bring back to the boil. Cook marmalade until it gels. Boil for about 1 hour. If ‘scum’ appears on top of the mixture, remove. Marmalade is ready, when a blob is put on saucer & wrinkles when moved with finger tip. Pour into sterilised glass jars, seal & allow to cool.
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