Tomato or pasta sauce

1 kg ripe tomatoes, skinned                 
3 large carrots, finely grated & finely chopped       
3 onions, finely grated
4 celery stalks, finely chopped             
30 ml tomato sauce
30 ml sugar                                          
90 g butter
20 g cake flour                                     
6 sprigs of fresh rosemary
5 ml bicarb of soda                              
 salt & milled black pepper
put in muslin bag:
8 pepper corns                                      
4 bay leaves
3 curls lemon peel                                 
3 whole cloves
1.        Place all ingredients (except butter, flour & bicarb of soda) in a LARGE pot.
2.       Allow to boil for 90 minutes.
3.       Remove muslin bag & allow liquid to cool  slightly.
4.       Liquidise all contents in the pot.
5.       Return the contents back to the pot.
6.       VERY GRADUALLY, add the bicarb to the contents in the pot. Stir well..
7.       In a frying pan melt the butter & add the flour, gradually.
8.       Add some of the hot liquid from the pot gradually into the frying pan, making a roux.
9.       Add the butter roux back to the pot full of liquid.
10.    Stirring all the time, bring the liquid back to the boil.
11.     Season with salt & milled black pepper.
12.    Dilute if necessary.
13.    Serve with a dollop of cream.

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