Mustard Pork Chops

Preheat oven to 160 deg.
As many pork chops as you are wanting to prepare – “Boud Tjops” work well
Cape Country Mustard (or any other store bought prepared mustard of your choice)
Brown Sugar
Spray an ovenproof dish with Spray and Cook (make sure that the dish is big enough for your chops to be in a single layer)
Spread each chop, on both sides, with mustard
Dip each chop, on both sides, into the brown sugar
Place into dish (in a single layer) and just cover chops with milk
Yes, NO other spices are required!
Bake for ± 25mins, turn chops and bake until just cooked
Remove chops from dish and pour “milk” into a saucepan (the milk WILL separate because of the mustard, so don’t be alarmed.)
Return chops to oven until browned to your liking. In the meantime, reduce milk sauce, whilst whisking (to break down lumps) until nice and thick. (This takes a while, so I like to have a glass of red wine and a cigarette on standby!) 
Serve chops with vegetables of your choice, however, mashed potatoes are essential as the sweet mustardy milk sauce is the BEST on mash. Also pour some of the sauce over the chops.
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