Plus12 (plus 24)
150 g cake flour (300 g)                  1 (2) egg yolk(s)
1 (2) extra large egg(s)                   375 ml milk (750 ml)
2 (4) tablespoon butter, melted      pinch of salts
oil for frying
1.        Stir the flour & salt into a mixing bowl.
2.       Make well in centre, add egg(s) and gradually stir in milk, drawing in the flour from the sides.
3.       Using a whisk, electric mixer, beat the mixture until smooth.
4.       Fold in the melted butter, set aside for up to 1 hour.
5.       Just cover the base of a frying pan with oil, pouring off the surplus oil into a small jug.
6.       Heat oil until starting to smoke.
7.       Remove from stove and allow the oil to cool slightly.
8.       Pour in the batter for the first pancake.
9.       Pancakes must be paper thin, so add 1 tablespoon of batter at a time. Tilting the pan quickly to spread the batter.
10.    Cook for 1-2 minutes or until bubbling lightly & edges start to curl.
11.     Keep warm while the others cook.
Serve with jam, honey, syrup, cinnamon & sugar etc
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