Whole Wheat Health Bread (2 big loaves)


In 2 separate large mixing bowls, mix the following:
3 c whole wheat flour                    
60 ml whole wheat kernels
10 ml salt                                      
60 ml wheat germ
30 ml brown sugar                         
60 ml linseed
10 ml bicarb of soda                       
60 ml sesame seed
750 ml yoghurt                              
60 ml bran
extra milk                                      
60 ml poppy seeds
extra whole wheat kernels
1.        Pre-heat oven to 200*C (400*F).
2.       Grease 2 30X12cm loaf tins, well.
3.       Mix all dry ingredients well, in each bowl.
4.       Add equal quantities of yoghurt to each bowl, mix well.
5.       Rinse out yoghurt containers with a little milk & add to the mixture.
6.       Mixture will be very wet and sticky.
7.       Put mixture from each bowl into each loaf tin.
8.       Cover the top of mixture with whole wheat kernels. Press down lightly with fingers.
9.       Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes in the middle of oven.
10.    Will be baked when bread tapped and it sounds hollow.

                        FREEZES WELL!!

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