Sand Biscuits

Makes about 2 dozen

125 g butter                                      
40 ml taystee wheat

100 ml sugar                                      
2 ml   baking powder

10 ml vanilla essence                          
310 g cake flour

15 blanched  almonds, halved 

1.        Melt butter in a small saucepan, allow it to cool slightly.
2.       Pour off the glee into a mixing bowl, leaving the residue behind. Allow glee to cool.
3.       Grease the baking trays.
4.       Add the sugar & vanilla essence. Cream till light & fluffy.
5.       Sift the flour, taystee wheat & baking powder.
6.       Add the flour mixture into the glee mixture, mix well.
7.       Roll dough into small balls & place on the greased baking trays.
8.       Press a ½ an almond firmly into each ball.
9.       Refrigerate balls for 30 minutes.
10.    Pre-heat oven to 150*C (300*F).
11.     Bake for 15-20 minutes, allow to cool slightly before removing from trays.

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