Chutney Chicken

6-8 Chicken Portions
1 Pkt Brown Onion Soup
250ml Fruit Chutney
1 Green Pepper
250ml Mayonnaise
1 Mushroom, Sliced
250ml Boiling Water
Parsley, Chopped To Garnish
Arrange Chicken Portions In An Ovenproof Dish.
Combine The Mayonnaise, Chutney, Water & Soup Powder & Pour Over
Top With The Sliced Green Peppers & Mushrooms.
Cover With Foil & Bake At 180°C For 45 Minutes Or Until Golden Brown. Stand For 5 Minutes & Scoop Off Excess Oil.
Garnish With Chopped Parsley & Serve With Rice & A Mixed Salad.
If The Sauce Becomes Too Dry & Thick During Cooking, A Small Amount
Of Water May Be Added.


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