Chicken Meal-In-One

Chicken Drumsticks
1kg Potatoes, Halved
Salt To Taste
5ml Chicken Spice
3-5ml Ina Paarman Mushroom & Parmesan Mixture
2 Onions, Sliced Into Rings
1 Container (250g) Smooth Cottage Cheese
500g Mushrooms, Halved
Preheat Oven To 180°C.  Spray An Oven Dish With Non-Stick Spray. Boil
The Potatoes In Salted Water Until Tender.  Drain. Season The Drumsticks With Chicken Spice & Salt & Fry In A Little Oil Until Brown On The Outside. Remove From The Pan & Arrange In The Oven Dish
With The Potatoes. Saute The Onion In The Same Pan Until Tender.  Add The Mushrooms & Stir-Fry Until Lightly Browned. Season With Thyme & The Ina Paarman Spices. Add The Cottage Cheese. Pour Over The Chicken & Potatoes In The Oven Dish, Cover & Bake For About 1 Hour Or Until The Chicken Is Done. Serve With A Mixed Salad.

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