Chicken Veronique

4 Boned Chicken Breasts
150ml Chicken Stock Or Water
50g Butter
125ml Cream
30ml Salad Oil
150g White Grapes, Peeled & Seeded
30ml Brandy
Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper
15ml Cornflour

Trim Chicken Breasts, Heat Butter & Oil In A Heavy Based Frying Pan &
Cook Chicken On Both Sides Until Golden Brown. Reduce Heat, Cover & Simmer Very Gently Further 10-15 Mins Or Until Cooked Through. Lift Onto A Serving Dish & Keep Warm. Remove Any Loose Brown Bits From The Pan, Add Brandy & Ignite. Stir Cornflour With Stock. Add To Pan With Cream & Seasoning. Simmer Very Gently 2-3 Mins. Add Grapes & Spoon Over Chicken.

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