Rich Man’s Chicken

1 Large Chicken, Cut Into Pieces Or 6 Chicken Pieces
2S0ml (1 Cup) Cheddar Cheese, Grated
10ml Oil
100ml Plain Yoghurt
S0ml Butter
1Sml Lemon Juice
S0ml Cake Flour
1 Can (410g) Asparagus Pieces, Drained
Sml Dry Mustard
1 Can (410g) Button Mushrooms, Drained
400ml Hot Milk
12Sml Dried Breadcrumbs
Sml Wholegrain Mustard
Preheat The Oven To 180°C & Spray A Large Ovenproof Dish With Non-
Stick Spray Or Butter Lightly.
Heat A Heavy-Bottomed Saucepan & Lightly Oil The Base.
Fry The Chicken Pieces, Skin Side Facing Down, Until Golden Brown. Remove From The Saucepan & Arrange In The Ovenproof Dish. Wipe The Saucepan & Melt The Butter.
Stir In The Cake Flour & Dry Mustard & Heat For About 1 Min. Stirring
Remove The Saucepan From The Stove Plate & Gradually Whisk In The
Milk & Wholegrain Mustard.
Return To The Stove Plate & Heat Slowly While Stirring Continuously
Until The Sauce Comes To The Boil & Thickens. Season With Salt & Pepper.
Cool Slightly & Stir In The Cheese.  Mix Until Smooth & Stir In The Plan Yoghurt, Lemon Juice, Asparagus Pieces & Button Mushrooms. Pour The Sauce Over The Chicken Pieces & Sprinkle The Crumbs On Top. Cover & Bake For 20 Mins.  Remove The Cover & Bake For Another 20
Mins Uncovered Until The Crumbs Are Golden Brown & The Chicken Is
Tender & Cooked.


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