500 g calamari                                                            
juice of half a lemon

cooking oil for deep frying
125 ml cake flour                                                        
10 ml mustard powder
5 ml salt                                                                          
1 egg, beaten
75 ml milk                                                                      
30 ml lemon juice
Clean calamari, rinse under running cold water.  Slice and marinate for 1 hour in lemon juice.  Drain and dry thoroughly. Dip calamari slices in batter and deep‑fry in heated cooking oil until crisp, golden‑brown and cooked.  Be careful not to overload the deepfat fryer as it will cool off the oil too rapidly and the calamari might become soggy. Drain calamari on paper towel and serve immediately.
Sift flour, salt and mustard together.  Make a well in the flour.  Beat egg and half the milk together and add to the flour.  Add remaining milk if necessary (the batter should be slightly thicker than a pancake batter).  Stir in lemon juice and leave to stand at least 30 min before using.  Serves 4‑6.
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