Chicken Salad

1. First Make The Sauce: Place Parsely, Basil, Garlic, Oil And Cheese In
A Processor Fitted With The Grinding Blade.
2. Process To A Creamy Consistency, Stopping Once Or Twice To Scrape
Down The Sides.
3. In A Bowl, Stir Mayonnaise And Yoghurt Together Until Smooth.
4.  Add Basil Sauce And Stir, Then Tip Into Fridge Container And Chill.
5. Poach Chicken Gently In A Little Salted Water Together With 1
Chopped Onion And A Few Black Peppercorns, Until Just Tender.
6. Cool, Strain Stock And Reserve.
7.  Cook Pasta, Drain Well, Toss With Enough Dressing To Moisten
Nicely, And Set Aside.
8. To Assemble, Arrange Chicken On A Serving Platter.
9. Slice Each Breast Thinly Lengthwise, Leaving The Slices Joined At
The Base, And Carefully Fan Them Out.
10.  Thin The Chilled Basil Sauce To A Pouring Consistency With A Little
Of The Reserved Stock, And Pour Over The Breasts.
11. Surround With Noodles, Garnish And Serve


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