Crostini with smoked salmon & sour cream

Serves 4 as a starter 

This is one of those effortless starters that feels a little bit special but can be made in a Åash from ingredients from your supermarket. If you don’t have access to capers, chopped chives or parsley would work well. It’s more about getting some visual greenery and freshness. 

Baguettes are lovely for crostini but I’ve also used crackers or larger slices of sourdough cut into small, bite sized pieces. 

8 thin slices baguette 
100g (3 oz) smoked salmon, sliced sour cream 
lemon cheeks, to serve 

Toast baguette slices lightly on one side. 

Layer each round with smoked salmon, top with a dollup of sour cream and sprinkle with a few capers and lots of freshly ground black pepper. 

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