Spicy Seafood Potjie

15 ml brown sugar
15 ml sweet soy sauce
30 ml fresh basil, roughly chopped
30 ml fresh parsley, roughly chopped
1 kg fresh white fish, filleted, or frozen hake steaks
500 g fresh or frozen prawns, shelled and cleaned
1 kg frozen marinara mix
2 lemons (juice only)
250 ml thick cream
10 mussels in their shells
20 ml olive oil
30 ml butter
2 large onions
10 ml garlic, crushed
10 ml ginger, freshly grated
20 ml seafood spices
250 g fresh black mushrooms, sliced
410 g Mexican tomatoes
375 ml fish stock
125 ml sherry


Step 1
In a large potjie, heat together the oil and butter.
Step 2
Add the onions, garlic, ginger and seafood spices and fry for 2 minutes.
Step 3
Add the mushrooms, tomatoes, fish stock, sherry, sugar and soy sauce and simmer gently for 15-20 minutes.
Step 4
Add the basil and half the parsley, then remove three quarters of this mixture from the pot and layer it in the potjie, alternating with the seafood.
Step 5
Start with the white fish, then the prawns, then the marinara mix.
Step 6
Add the lemon juice, secure the lid and allow to simmer for 20 to 30 minutes without stirring.
Step 7
Just before serving, add the cream, mussels and the remaining parsley and heat through for about 5 minutes.
Step 8
Serve with white rice and a green salad.

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