Laaste woord oor die SP Wag

Hierdie stuk het ek raakgelees in Wikepedia. Die stuk het gegaan oor die Spes (Spesiale) magte, en ek plaas dit net so:

The State President’s Guard, established as an elite, specially trained unit in May 1967, was disbanded in October 1990. It performed both protective and ceremonial functions. As a home guard, it protected and staffed the president’s homes in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and Bloemfontein while the president was in residence. It also served as a ceremonial honor guard at important events such as presidential inaugurations and funerals, state visits, and VIP visits. 

Over the course of its twenty-three-year history, it was successively attached to the Army Gymnasium in Pretoria, the South African Medical Service Training Centre at Heidelberg (southeast of Johannesburg), the Fourth Provost Company in Wonderboom (northeast of Bloemfontein), the Second Signal Regiment in Pretoria, and the South African Army College (near Pretoria). 

During the 1980s, a few presidential guard units were deployed to border areas for ten to twelve months, in part because their superior training enabled them to serve longer than the normal three-month rotation to those regions.

Dit was vir my ‘n trots en eer gewees om my diensplig opleiding in die Staats Presidents wag te kon doen.

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4 thoughts on “Laaste woord oor die SP Wag”

  1. “the Fourth Provost Company in Wonderboom (northeast of Bloemfontein), the Second Signal Regiment in Pretoria, and the South African Army College”

    Die SP Wag was inderdaat in Wonderboom saam met Fourth Provost Company, maar die basis in Wonderboom is nie noordoos van Bloemfontein nie, maar noordoos van Pretoria. Ek was in 1970 in SP Wag. Pres. Jimmy Fouche was ons SP.

    1. Dagsê Dolf,
      Ek was ook in 1970 in die SP Wag in Pretoria op Wonderboom onder Staf Koekemoer….. so ons moes saam gewees het. Ek was onder die ouens wat vir ‘n jaar opgeroep is. Daardie jare het ek in Krugersdorp gebly. Nou is ek ‘n Rustenburger.

      Corrie Bothma.

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