Chinese Honey Glazed Kingklip or Kabeljou

1 Kilogram Kingklip One Piece
25 Millilitres Sunflower Oil
0.5 To Serve Paprika Cut in 1cm (1/3″) slices
8 To Serve Cucumber 1cm slices with skin, cut on the diagonal
1 Small Red Pepper
1 Small Green Pepper

Qty Measurement Ingredients Description
125 Millilitres Butter
125 Millilitres Honey
20 Millilitres Curry Powder
20 Millilitres Soya Sauce
50 Millilitres Chives
25 Millilitres Lemon Juice
2 Millilitres Lemon Rind Grated

1. Place glaze ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil just until butter melts.
2. Generously brush kingklip or kabeljou with glaze and leave to marinate 24 hours.
3. Set remaining glaze aside.
4. Cut pineapple and cucumber slices into match sticks and red and green pepper into strips.
5. Place kingklip or kabeljou under grill, continue basting with extra glaze till cooked (approximately 10-15 mins.)
6. While fish is cooking heat oil and stir-fry pineapple and vegetables to soften slightly (do not overcook).
7. When fish is ready place on serving dish, quickly heat remaining glaze and pour over fish.
8. Cover fish with stir-fried fruit and vegetables or place them on either side of fish.
9. Serve with pale yellow rice and decorate with lemon or red pepper flowers.
10. To make yellow rice, place a little turmeric in boiling water before adding rice.

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