I’ve just put this into the oven and set them individually, I.e not in one big cake pan. Problem I encountered was I should’ve filled only a quarter way. I got 20 small out and 1 very small cake tin as well. Further to this, the recipe I received had no baking time, so I’ve played with 15mins to test, but left them in for 20mins. If you’re baking this in a large cake pan, I’m hoping 30mins will be sufficient.

Ingredients and Method
Beat four large eggs with 1 1/2cup sugar, 1t vanilla essence. Sift in 1 1/2 flour and pinch salt. Fold in. Sift 2tsp baking power over the mixture – DO NOT MIX in yet. Separately, mix 1cup boiling water, 2tbl (I use a quarter cup of machine ground coffee) coffee, 1/2 cup and 2T oil (155ml oil). Pour this hot mixture over the baking power (it’ll fizz up like a volcano) fold in. Bake at 180 I opted for a ganache, but this was the untested icing provided:125g butter, 1 1/2 icing sugar, 1T boiling water,1T milk, 2heaped tsp coffee, 2 heaped tsp hot choc powder. Light and airy.

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