The power of a mother’s prayer – Paul Malatji

My parents were divorced within a year after they were married. My mother is South African and my father is a citizen of Lesotho. When I was a boy I spent few years in Lesotho under the care of my father.

In 1978, while in Lesotho, I met an old woman, Mrs Mofokeng, I never knew her first or second name. She was looking after her grandchildren while their parents were in South Africa working. South Africa was a source of income for many people in our neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana and Zambia, among others.

The majority of people in the country were not educated then and only few people knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mrs Mofokeng was a Christian. Most people in our village, including our chief, despised her. They discriminated against her because of what she believed. Many Africans of that time had faith in their ancestors and they would ask them for help instead of asking God.

Mrs Mofokeng was a member of the Methodist church and she believed that there was nothing too difficult for God. Her son, Pule, who was working in Rustenburg on the mines, didn’t have faith in God. But he had faith in his mother’s prayers. He knew that when she prayed, things happened, and the impossible could become possible.

One day, when Pule was working down in a mine shaft, the stones started to fall and the shaft collapsed, closing the miners in. The rescue team was called and they tried their best to save them, but they couldn’t. The problem was that, if they tried to remove the stones that were blocking the shaft, more stones would fall down. The rescue team knew that sooner or later the whole shaft would collapse and there would be no survivors.

The trapped miners could still hear the people from the outside. So the rescue team and the mine management talked to them. They told them that there was nothing they could do to save them and they asked what they wanted the mine to do for them when they were dead. The miners said that with their lives, they wanted to buy freedom from poverty for their families, because this was the reason that they were there.

Except for Pule. He said, ‘I know that you cannot save me, but I still need my life and I don’t want to die. Please go to Lesotho, to my village and bring my mother here. She will save me, I know she will, because things happen when she prays’.

The management replied: ‘There are lots of ministers and preachers here, we will call them, and it will be quicker – if it is prayer that you want’.

‘No, it is my mother’s prayer which I need right now, this is my last request, please respect it’, said Pule. So the management organised a helicopter to go to Lesotho to fetch Mrs Mofokeng, Pule’s mother. It was already evening when they arrived back at the mine. They suggested that they would take her to her son’s shaft in the morning.

But Mrs Mofokeng insisted that she wanted to go to her son’s shaft immediately, she would not sleep until she had prayed for her son. The management was angry at her request, but they had no choice and did what she asked. The rescue team was already gone but they were called again at Mrs Mofokeng’s request.

Mrs Mofokeng started to pray and as she was praying, the ground fell to the other side of where the miners were trapped, opening a hole above them. This was like a miracle and Pule and the other miners were pulled out of the shaft safely. Pule said: ‘Mother, I spent a lot of time believing in your prayers, but not in your God, but now it is time for me to believe in your God and start praying to Him myself’.

There was no doubt that every person who was there that evening knew from that day onwards that we must always have faith in God, because there is hope and love in Him.

There will always be hope for me in God; because God is a good shepherd and with Him I will always have everything I need. I will always have faith in Him, because today I know that everything is possible for the person who has faith.

And I will always ask God to reveal everything He does for me, so that I will always thank Him and praise His love.


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