Super healthy, unbelievably yummy!!

4 cups Brown Flour
2 cups Cake Flour
2 cups All bran crushed
1 cup Jungle Oats
60 mls Baking Powder
5 mls salt
100 mls Sunflower seed
50 mls Crushed linseed
50 mls Sesame seeds
50 mls Wheatgerm (optional)
50 mls Pumpkin seeds (optional)
150 mls Chopped nuts (mixed) NOT PEANUTS!!!
250gram Soft Butter
200 mls Sunflower oil
1 ½ Cups Brown sugar
2 Eggs
500 mls Plain low fat yogurt or Buttermilk

Beat butter, sugar, eggs and oil – (till creamy)
Add yogurt and all the dry ingredients, mix well.

Spread into a oven tray baking dish and bake at 180
For 20 minutes and then turn the baking pan in oven and bake for another 10 mins – Check by lightly pressing top of cake if still little soft put back in oven for another 10 – 15 mins. (really depends on your oven, make sure it is not too brown the cake must be a very light golden colour.

Remove and allow to cool completely!
Then lengthwise into four equal section.
Cut into half / quarter, then into four slices per quarter (16×4) or (16 x5)
you should have 62 or 80 pieces!

Place them carefully on a wire rack on a baking tray and dry them in an oven or warming drawer not hotter than 70 degrees for about 12 hours till they dry. Overnight is best.

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