Instant Milktart


Crumb crust made with 1 packet of crushed Tennis biscuits and 125g butter, melted.

500ml (2 cups) milk
Piece of cinnamon stick
60 – 100ml Huletts White Sugar, depending on personal taste
2 eggs
45ml (3 Tablespoons) cornflour
45ml (3 Tablespoons) flour
3ml (½ teaspoon) vanilla essence
30ml (2 Tablespoons) butter
Cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling


Combine the crushed Tennis biscuits and the melted butter, and press into a pie dish.

Heat the milk with the piece of stick cinnamon to just under boiling point. Meanwhile, lightly beat the eggs with the sugar, then add the cornflour and flour. Pour the hot milk onto this mixture, stirring rapidly. Return the mixture to the heat and cook, stirring till the mixture becomes very thick. Thorough stirring is important to prevent the mixture from catching on the bottom of the pan, and to prevent lumps. Off the heat, add the essence and add the butter. Stir well till the butter is melted. Pour the mixture into the prepared tart crust. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

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