Jesus loves Muslims – Bianca Steffen

My eyes had been giving me problems and a friend from church offered to make an appointment for me with one of the optometrists she was working for.

She made an appointment and I was ready to have my eyes eye-balled. On the morning of the appointment I was standing in front of the mirror, drying my hair and just talking to God about my day. Then a name popped into my head: ‘Shireen’. I did not know a Shireen and asked the Lord if there was anything else I should know. Some more ideas popped into my head. The rest of my day continued uneventfully.

When I arrived for my appointment, my friend said to me: ‘I’ve put you with Shireen’. As she ushered me towards her office, she whispered: ‘Oh, and by the way, she’s a Muslim’. Obviously God had some kind of plan with this divine appointment. The best thing I thought to do was just to wait and see how the Lord would set it up. Shireen babbled during my entire consultation. I could not get a word in edgeways.

Finally she turned to me. ‘Now is there any question you would like to ask?’ ‘Yes’, I replied, ‘Did you and your mom fight this morning?’ She was dumbstruck. Without exaggerating; she asked me six times how I knew this. The Holy Spirit came up in the conversation. She was not familiar with Him. I asked if she knew Jesus Christ. With that she confirmed, turned her back on me and continued with paperwork. In that moment I ministered to her a scripture the Lord had given me and there was such a feeling of His love in the room. He loved her so much and was so involved in her life that He knew what had happened between her and her mother that day.

I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed, but continued writing. Patiently I waited until she had finished and just stretched out my hands to her. She took hold of my hands and we just asked the Lord for his restoration and peace in her family. We thanked Him for His love and care in her life. She dried the tears from her face. We hugged. Her parting words were: ‘How did you know?’ I bet that thought would be rolling around in her heart for days on end. But He knows her and cares for her intimately.

I was so touched by the love that Jesus displayed towards this Muslim optometrist. No one is too far from His heart or His touch. The truth is that He knows the secrets of our hearts. I had no natural way of knowing what had happened the morning with her mom, but the Lord did. So as we respond to something that He shows us in the Spirit, He makes a way of connecting with people in the most intimate of ways. He loves us so much!

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