Pumpkin Fritters

(About 36 fritters)

750g or 3 cups cooked & mashed Boerpampoen (white skinned)
2 eggs
5ml salt
275g or 500ml self raising flour
15ml baking powder
500ml oil

400g sugar
250ml water
125ml milk
25g butter or margarine
10ml maizena
1 pinch salt

Mix together the pumpkin, eggs and salt. Sieve the self raising flour and blend with above mixture until a soft dough consistency. Heat the oil over medium heat. Dish spoonfuls of the mixture in pan until light brown and cooked. Drain the fritters on kitchen towel and keep warm. Heat all the syrup ingredients except the Maizena until boiling point. Mix Maizena with a little bit of water to paste consistency and add to syrup, boil a little longer until Maizena cooked as well, Pour over the warm fritters.

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