Corn on the Cob

These cheese-flavoured corn on the cobs are a treat for family and friends and taste delicious cooked on an open braai.

4 ears of corn with husks still attached
1 packet Knorr Creamy Three Cheeses Sauce
3 piquant peppers, chopped
115 g margarine, softened
5 olives, pips removed and chopped
2 sprigs rosemary, chopped

Soak the corn whole in plenty of water for 30 min. Remove and shake to get rid of excess water, gently peel back husks without tearing the cob, then remove and discard the silk. Mix the margarine with the Knorr sachet contents, olives, piquant peppers and rosemary, smear all over the cobs then tie the husks with cotton thread at the top to secure. Braai or bake the corn for 20–30 min until tender.

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