Make your own Pesto

about 30g leaves/herbs
40g grated Parmesan
2 garlic clove, crushed
40g nuts, lightly toasted
pinch of salt
grind of pepper
75ml extra virgin olive oil
squeeze of lemon (optional)

Place the herbs, grated cheese, crushed garlic and the nuts (cooled, after their toasting) in a food processor. Whizz up, season and add the oil. Taste. Add more of what you fancy, and a squirt of lemon juice.

parsley, walnuts and Stilton
rocket/arugula, pine nuts and Parmesan
basil, pine nuts and Parmesan
And if you dont have Parmesan? Try Pecorino, or *whisper it* Cheddar. Any hard cheese is going to taste pretty good. And mix your herbs if you dont have enough of one type. Basil and parsley, even spinach and basil will work.

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