1 John 4:16 NIV

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1 John 4:16 NIV
2015-09-11 Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Can You Relate?
Let us paint a picture for you. This might sound familiar. It’s one of two friends who are so close you could say that they love each other. When they get the chance, find themselves chatting for hours on end. But the problem is, they don’t get together very often and the moments they are together seem like fleeting moments. One friend is constantly trying to get in touch with the other, but the other is quite often found either putting off or even ignoring their friend’s attempts to meet up. Ready for the kicker? The friend that always seems busy, that’s us – and it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the other is God. That’s what our relationship with God can be like if we aren’t careful. By nature, we are all at least a little bit self-centred. We might not even realise that we’re acting that way sometimes. But, if something’s even a little bit inconvenient for us, often we’ll find ourselves making excuses and trying to out of things just for the sake of getting or doing what we want. The solution to fix this? Easy: choosing to do something to spend time with God. Even if we have to fight ourselves to do it, treating our relationship with God as a relationship might just revolutionise it. What Now? Make space. At home, a coffee shop, wherever. Put the time in your diary and guard it as if it were time with the love of your life.
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