Matthew 25:25 NIV


Matthew 25:25 NIV
2015-09-10 Written by Bob and Debby Gass
Talent For Stepping Out
One of Jesus’ more hard-hitting stories was the parable of the talents. If you haven’t heard it before, read Matthew 25:14-29 for the whole thing. It tells of a man who trusted his servants with his property, most of them looked after the talents they were given and doubled what they were given. (A ‘talent’ was the name of an amount of currency, like ‘Rand’.) All good. But. One told his boss ‘…I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground…’ Matthew 25:25 (ESV). In response the working is called ‘wicked and slothful servant’ (v26), and not really in an ‘Ahhh what a cute sloth’ way. The story ends with the servant essentially being fired. Harsh? It might seem it on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper into what’s happening you’ll see what point Jesus is trying to drive home. Notice the servant tell his boss he was afraid. He was afraid to take a risk with the gift he had been given, he was too fearful of failure and how his master would react if he failed, so didn’t even try. God’s pretty keen that we spend time developing the gifts that He has given each of us, especially the gift of Himself in us. By spending time with Him, and stepping out of our comfort zones to share Him with other people, we’re investing in His Kingdom. To not be doing that actually isn’t just a shame, it’s a real wasted opportunity for seeing God reaching more people. What Now? Comfort-zone testing time. Would you trust God to act if you prayed for someone else? Today, we’d encourage you to step out and ask God to meet someone’s needs.
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