James 1:22 NKJV

2015-12-09 Written by Bob and Debby Gass

Side-line syndrome

It’s sort of like being battery powered. James tells us that we’re to hear God’s Word, but then we’re to go out and do it as well. If you left your phone plugged in all the time – well, what would be the point? We’re like that. If we spend our time only plugged into our Bibles, or absorbing good stuff from sermons or the lives of Christlike friends – well, that’s gonna do some good stuff for us, but it won’t do much more for our friends or the world, if that’s all that we do. We can hear about all these amazing missionary trips our friends are going on and watch from a distance. Sometimes life-growth and Christian discipleship will be better in the long term if we spend a while taking in and learning from these people today. But, we’re never going to grow from their boldness alone. We’ll only feel the fullness of God and what He can do when we allow ourselves to be willing to do whatever God might ask from us. A bit of time in the side-line is helpful, especially if you’re the sort that learns by watching first. But letting that become your life is deadly. And deadly boring. Honestly, the side-line is one of the easiest places to get stuck, especially because it can very quickly become laziness. What Now? Try and go a whole day just listening to people and see how long it takes before you start getting bored. You might want to warn people of this one first though.

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