Matthew 9:36 NIV

The measure of your generosity

Matthew 9:36 NIV

In spite of economic challenges, the UK is still in the top percentile of global wealth. But prosperity has little to do with generosity. You say, ‘If I ever get a lot of money I’ll be generous’. Who are you kidding! Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is [invested], there your heart will be also’ (Matthew 6:21 NIV 2011 Edition). Research from the University of Manchester affiliated Institute for Social Change showed that in the UK in 2010 to 2011, the poorest 20% of people gave 3.2% of their income to charity, while the richest 20% of people only gave 0.9%. Financial expert Daniel Levin says, ‘Prosperity isn’t in what you’ve attained, but rather in what you give away’. The truth is, if you want to become a more generous person you can’t wait for your income to increase; you must allow God to change your heart. That means looking for a reason to give every day, and finding a compelling cause or a worthy ministry. And you won’t have to look far; they’re all around you. The Bible says of Jesus, ‘When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless’. When it comes right down to it the recipients of our generosity aren’t really churches, causes, or institutions. They’re people – people loved and valued by God; people for whom Christ died. So what are you doing for others? How you answer that question is the measure of your generosity!

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