Rice noodle salad

Send in by Niekie Rossouw (Very LEKA)

(SALAD – about 6-10 LARGE portions)
1 x 500mg Rys noedelslaai (By THE pasta DEPARTMENT). By Shoprite and P & Pay
1 x teaspoon musterd (powder or any other kind)
½ Cup (125 ml) white vinegar
½ Cup Oil
¾ Cup Mayonnaise
2 medium/Big carrots or if lazee /1 Tin of sweet corn (whole)
1 small onion – cut into very small pieces/ or grate
1 Tin pineapple rings/ of preferably crushed pineapple
1 Tin Condensmilk

Boil noodles as on packet
Mix all the ingredients together while the noodles are being cooked.
Add noodles to this mixture when done.
This is a very nice recipe for braai vleis. It can be made the day before. This salad lasts for 3 days. Serve with cold / or warm food.

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