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Sugar replacement of your choice, to taste (I use about 12 drops of liquid stevia) 1 Egg (add another yolk if you dare, it will fill you for longer)

1 – 3 T Butter and/or Coconut oil (I recommend the coconut oil without fragrance) 1 – 2 T Good quality instant coffee granules (regular or decaf)

1 Cup, approx., of boiling water [If you just add boiling water, without adding the coffee granules, and maybe add a drop of vanilla or cinnamon, you would be left with a dreamy, warm and filling eggnog type drink, only not as thick. Perfect at bed time].

Optional Flavours:

Café Mocha: Add 1 t good quality unsweetened cocoa powder, or pop in a block of Lindt 90% chocolate Spiced Latte: Add ¼ t ground cinnamon

Vanilla Coffee: Add a dash of good vanilla extract, or seeds from a pod – very decadent

Dreamy Chai: Replace boiling water with freshly made Chai Tea


  1. Place all ingredients, except the hot liquid of choice, into your mug or jug that your stick  blender can fit into.
  1. Start whizzing your blender whilst adding your hot liquid of choice until all ingredients have emulsified and you have some nice froth.
  1. Remove stick blender and top up with hot water.
  1. Or, throw everything into your blender and blitz. It’s easy peasy peeps!

T = Tablespoon t = teaspoon


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