Psalm 34:14 NLT

How to maintain your peace

Psalm 34:14 NLT

You can maintain a peaceful state of mind wherever you go and whatever you do. “How is that possible?” you ask. The Bible says, “Search for peace, and work to maintain it.” To enjoy a life of peace, you must first recognize what’s stealing your peace. Satan uses many of the same tactics on everyone, but we each have particular issues. For example, one person may be disturbed by having to do two or three things at a time, while another may be energized by fielding several projects at once. We’re all different, and we must learn to know ourselves. Satan studies you carefully and knows which buttons to push. One Bible teacher writes: “I can endure things better when I’m not tired…so [Satan] waits to attack until I am worn out. I learned by pursuing peace, what Satan already knew about me; now I try not to get overly tired because I know I’m opening a door for him when I do. It will be virtually impossible to enjoy a life of peace if you don’t study yourself, and know what your ‘peace stealers’ are. Keep a list of each time you get upset. Ask yourself what caused the problem, and write it down. Be honest with yourself or you’ll never break free.” In the middle of life’s storms you can be anchored by God’s peace. But He won’t just drop it into your lap; you have a part to play. You must “seek, inquire for… crave peace and pursue (go after) it!” (AMP). So if you’ve lost your peace today – go after it and get it back.

Soul food: Ruth 1-4; Mat 10:1-10; Ps 88:1-9a; Prov 13:1-3

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