All in one Chicken dish

4 portions
187 ml (¾ c) uncooked rice
8 chicken portions
7.5 ml (1½ t) chicken spices
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
some oil
250 g (1 packet) bacon, cubed

20 baby potatoes with skin, halved
12 small onions, halved
250 g (1 container) mushrooms, halved
820 g (2 x 410 g tin) chopped tomatoes

500 ml (2 c) boiled water
1 cube chicken stock
2.5 ml (½ t) dried parsley
10 ml (2 t) sugar
60 ml (4 T) chutney
1 ml salt
pinch of black pepper

Preheat oven to 180 °C.

1 Put uncooked rice in fairly deep greased baking dish of 36 cm x 24 cm.
2 Rub chicken spices, salt and pepper well into chicken portions.
3 Heat some oil in frying pan and fry chicken pieces till golden brown. Place on rice in baking dish.
4 Fry bacon in the same frying pan until cooked and place on rice and chicken in baking dish.
5 Vegetables Place potatoes, onions and mushrooms around and on chicken pieces.
6 Mix remaining ingredients in mixing bowl. Pour slowly over rice and chicken.
7 Cover baking dish with foil and bake for 75 minutes. Switch off and leave dish in warm oven for another 60 minutes with closed door to allow rice to swell out completely.
8 Serve warm.

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