NOESJI / UMngQUSHO  : Samp and beans

Niekie Rossouw

500 ML Samp
250 ml Sugar Beans
Salt and pepper
12,5 ml Oil
2 Onions – Cut up
1 Green pepper (optional if using Chakalaka)
4 Garlic pieces
12 Pieces of Mutton/Neck
2 Tomatoes without skin
6 Small Potatoes
100 gm Carrots
15 ml Curry powder
25 ML Tumeric
1 Piece Chicken stock mixed with 500 ml boiling water
1 tin 410g Mild & spicy Chakalaka

Soak and then cook samp and beans
Oil in pot, add green pepper, onions and garlic. When done, add mutton pieces + salt and pepper. (Brown)
Add al these ingredients to the samp and beans mixture.
Add the rest of all the ingredients. Add the turmeric and curry powder to pot. Add water as required.
This recipe is enough for 8 – 10 people. (large portions)

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