Banting Platter Ideas

Lynette Muller
(2 broke girls banting)

~Cucumber Sandwiches
Slice your cucumber thinly (but not paper thin)
Top with cream cheese or grilled haloumi and sundried tomato or olives

~Grilled Haloumi Sandwiches
Cut your haloumi into squares and grill in coconut oil
Top with some cream cheese or finely mashed feta cheese and top with biltong

~Caprese Salad Sticks
Take a kebab stick and layer with mozzarella cubes, cherry tomatoes and rocket
Drizzle with your homemade pesto

~Mini Mushroom Burgers
Make small burger patties
Take a kebab stick and layer with grilled button mushroom tops, burger patty, sliced cherry tomato and rocket and there you go!

You can use a variety of toppings and fillings but these are quick easy and FUN to make and serve!

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