4 Eggs
5 ml Bicarbonate of soda (1 t)
310 ml Castor sugar (1¼ cups)         
10 ml Baking powder (2 t)
625 ml Cake Flour (2½ cups)
5 ml Salt (1 t)
15 ml Cinnamon (1 T)
750 ml Grated carrot (3 cups)
5 ml Ground ginger (1 t)
125 ml Chopped pecan nuts
(½ cup) optional.

125 g Butter or margarine (½ cup)   
125 g Smooth cottage cheese (1½ cup)
500 g Icing sugar (2½ cups)               
5 ml Lemon Juice (1 t)

Whisk eggs and sugar together until light and fluffy.  Add oil and beat until blended Sift dry ingredients together and add to beaten mixture.

Fold in carrot and nuts. Pour mixture into three 18 cm or two 22 cm greased and lined Cake pans.  Bake at 180®C (350ºF) for 30 minutes
(small) to 40 minutes (large) or until a Tester comes out clean.

Beat all icing ingredients tog DO NOT over beat. Ice cooled cake and decorate with nuts or Orange zest.

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