Rika Theron

1 kg pork fillet, cut into cubes,
60 g butter,
1 large onion, chopped,
125 ml stock,
1 tin tomatoes,
chopped parsley.

25 ml soy sauce,
12, 5 ml Worcester sauce,
50 ml tomato sauce,
50 ml brown sugar,
25 ml chutney, salt & pepper.

Method:  for marinade:
Melt 1/3 of the butter, add sauces and seasonings, mix together.  Put in pork pieces and turn often.  Leave for an hour or more.

In a large frying pan, add remaining butter, drained pork and onion, sauté slowly.  Pour over stock and cover pan.  Simmer for about 35 minutes.  Lift out pork and put onto a hot platter.  Add marinade to pan and reduce until sticky, adding drained and sliced tomatoes.  Cook 3 – 4 minutes, then spoon over meat.  Sprinkle with parsley and serve with rice and a green salad.

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