Rika Theron

250 g mixed dried fruit salad,
62,5 ml salad oil,
125 ml vinegar,
10 ml mustard powder,
1 tin condensed milk,
salt & pepper,
3 ml cayenne pepper,
juice of 1 lemon,
6 bananas, fresh or dried, sliced.

Soak dried fruit overnight covered with cold water.  Next day boil briefly in scalding water and drain.  Cool fruit.  Blend oil, vinegar and mustard with condensed milk to make a thick dressing.  Season to taste with cayenne, salt & pepper.  Peel bananas or 12 half dried bananas.  Coat with lemon juice and slice.  Layer dried fruit and bananas alternately in serving dish and pour over dressing.  Leave to stand for at least an hour.  Serve cold with hot meat dishes.

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