Rika Theron

90 g Marie biscuits, crushed.
30 ml butter, melted.

2 mangoes/1 can mangoes,
150 ml water or syrup,
125 ml sugar,
10 ml gelatine,
12,5 ml orange juice,
125 ml cream.

Kiwi fruit or granadilla,
125 ml thick cream.

Mix biscuits and butter together and line a greased flan tin.  Refrigerate.  Peel mangoes, remove pip and liquidise.  Place sugar and water in pan and stir over low heat till dissolved.  Bring to boil and boil until sticky (6 – 8 minutes).  Remove from heat and cool.  Sprinkle gelatine over orange juice and stand over hot water until dissolved.  Stir in mango pureé and cooled syrup, fold in cream and pour into base and refrigerate.  Top with sliced kiwi fruit and pipe swirls of cream on edge.

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