Rika Theron

225 g Stork
250 ml castor sugar
4 large eggs, separated
100 ml chopped walnuts
250 ml chopped mango
600 ml sifted flour
15 ml baking powder
4 ml salt
100 ml coconut
50 ml castor sugar.

Grease and line 2 x 22 cm tins. Preheat oven (165°C). Cream Stork and sugar. Add yolks, chopped mango and walnuts. Fold in sifted, dry ingredients and coconut. Beat egg whites until stiff, slowly adding castor sugar. Fold into mixture. Pour into prepared tins and bake (40 minutes). Filling: Half a large tin caramelised condensed milk. Icing: 150 g Stork, 500 ml icing sugar, 10 ml lemon juice, 4 ml salt. Mix thoroughly.. Add a little mango juice to give a creamy texture. Decorate with walnuts.

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